Leaf Guard

Protect your gutters with Great Barrier Leaf Guard, Australia’s premier leaf guard and bird proofing system.

Do you spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining your gutters? What if we told you that could be a thing of the past? Great Barrier Leaf makes messy, time-consuming gutter maintenance ancient history. Made from UV stabilised high density polyethylene, Great Barrier Leaf gutter guard fits easily and neatly into your existing gutters to reduce leaf entry up to a HUGE 99%. Plus, it is 100% effective in keeping those nesting birds from your roof too.

This ground-breaking Australian made leaf guard offers strong and affordable gutter protection that is built to last.

How does it work?
Great Barrier Leaf is crafted from arched high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for outstanding flexibility and no gaps. There’s no drilling, no screwing and no need to lift roof tiles to install. It features unique slots that allow water to pass through to gutters freely while leaves are removed naturally by the wind and rain. It also forms an arched barrier that temporarily slows water velocity – directing it into the slots for improved water collection in even the heaviest downpours.

Better still, Great Barrier Leaf’s innovative design means it can be used with most existing gutters and is suited for all roofing types including terracotta and cement tiles, slate or metal roofs. And, unlike many other gutter protectors, you can remove The Great Barrier Leaf easily to clean up silt in an instant.

Take back your weekend relaxation time. Install The Great Barrier Leaf guard today.

  • Smarter, all Australian designed & made
  • More effective & affordable
  • Faster to install & remove
  • 99% leaf-proof & 100% bird-proof
  • Fits all roof types
  • No drilling or screwing required
  • DIY or ask our experts to do it for you
  • 10-year product guarantee

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