Offering bird proofing for your roof, gutters and solar panels. Get in touch to find out more.

Are you sick of being disturbed by birds nesting in your roof or under your solar panels? Great Barrier Leaf bird proofing system can help with all of that.

Great Barrier Leaf offers a custom-made bird proofing system designed to protect your roof and gutters from birds. In addition to potentially causing damage and creating a fire hazard, birds bring lice and mites. Pigeons, sparrows and starlings notoriously play host to blood-sucking parasites that cause skin irritations and disease. The pests enter your home down wall cavities and through ventilators into bedrooms in search of food. If infected, people can suffer rashes and other skin irritations. Why put your family at risk when the solution is so simple?

Great Barrier Leaf is an easy to install system suitable for most roof types, including tiles, tin and slate. Our gutter guard system can be installed yourself or by one of our qualified installers located Australia-wide.

Best of all, the Great Barrier Leaf bird-proofing system is 100% effective.

Get in touch to find out more about Great Barrier Leaf bird proofing or to book a free quote today.

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