A sure-fire way to stop birds nesting in your roof

If you’ve had birds nesting in your roof before, there is probably one thought filling you with dread now that spring is here again… They’re back.
That’s right, a whole year has been and gone, and the return of warmer weather, flowering plants and sunny days means that those pesky nesting birds are making themselves at home again. You might have already noticed noisy scratching sounds coming from your roof as birds have started building their nests. It won’t be long before you’re woken up at five am by the sound of chirping birds. Forget peace and quiet in your own home and forget sleeping in on weekends.

It’s the Indian myna birds, black birds and sparrows causing all the commotion. And it’s not just the noise you need to be concerned about. Along with being a nuisance, nesting birds pose other dangers to your home and family. For instance, dry nests are a fire hazard, creating unnecessary risk. Additionally, birds can carry many diseases and lice which can travel looking for a new host after the birds have left the nest. Protect your family from all of this with just one phone call.

If you’ve tried time and time again to rid your roof of nesting birds to no avail, let us help you solve the problem permanently. The Great Barrier Leaf gutter guard and bird proofing system is an Australian-made bird proofing solution that has helped families all over Australia to protect their gutters. 100% effective in preventing birds from entering your home, Great Barrier Leaf will also protect your gutters from leaves, is affordable and simple to install. Read more about Great Barrier Leaf here, or contact us on 1300 540 540. We’ll put you in touch with your local installer for a free measure and quote. You’ll be rid this problem for good in no time at all. Back to enjoying your lazy Sunday mornings…


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